13 March 2012

My dear,

Do you know that you hurt me?
Do you even care?
All the things you told me,
Felt like lies and so unfair.

I cared about you more than the world,
And when you said those 3 small words to me.
I just wanted to be with you forever,
Because you made me feel so loved and free.

I don't know where it went wrong,
You told me you'd love me forever.
One minute we were happy,
The next we weren't together.

I wish I could have made you see,
How wonderful and special you made me feel.
You always helped me with my problems,
You made everything feel so real.

But now I have to realize your gone,
And I can't drive myself insane.
I'll just have to pick up the pieces,
Of my heart that remain.

I ask one thing of you before I let you go,
I ask you to forgive me and remember it never really ends.
Because you'll always have a special place in my heart,
And you'll always be.

P/s : You will never find another girl that love you like I do.


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